The World’s First Family of Precious Metal Legal Tender Cryptocurrencies

The Quintric1 monetary system combines the legitimacy, accountability and security of gold and silver (“specie”) legal tender with the transparency, flexibility and convenience of distributed, blockchain technology to create the world’s first authentic, interoperable family of specie legal tender cryptocurrencies.  The Quintric system consists of five interoperable, yet independent, specie-based tokens: Quint2; QuintS3; iQuint4; iQuintS5; and QuintX6.


The system design and implementation represents the leaders in the monetary reform efforts to succeed where existing cryptocurrencies to date have failed: to create the first cryptocurrency that can actually function as a usable currency.  Each of the five Quintric tokens constitutes a vital piece in completing that elusive crypto puzzle.  With the advent of Quintric, the objective of a transparent, blockchain medium of exchange has moved from theory towards viable implementation.

This website summarizes the revolutionary, patent-pending program, which provides a workable plan for placing a fully functional currency into the cryptosphere.  While public launch is currently slated for the latter half of 2018, early adopters can begin to access the power of Quintric starting now through this pre-launch offering.