The Quintric monetary system aims to enable citizens around the world to exercise true choice in currency, thus reaping economic, tax, and cultural benefits for themselves and their communities.  A number of jurisdictions have enacted legal tender laws reflecting a public policy highly supportive of the circulation of specie legal tender as a complement to the predominant, debt-based, paper currency.  

In the U.S., for example, such policies include the requirement that "amounts received from the sale of gold shall be deposited by the Secretary in the general fund of the Treasury and shall be used for the sole purpose of reducing the national debt."37  In addition, as a measure clearly designed to benefit the U.S. economy, federal law directs the Secretary of the Treasury to mint enough gold dollars "to meet public demand" and to do so "by purchase from the natural deposits of the United States."38  

Until the advent of Quintric, workable solutions for accessing the power of the diverse, yet universal, sound money that gold has always been, seemed beyond grasp of most individuals and entities.  Quintric makes the use of specie legal tender not only a viable, but a highly attractive option as well.  People can now save and spend real money offering a whole host of societal and personal benefits, not the least of which is meaningful participation through QuintX in the abundance bound to result ultimately from these new Quintric monetary options.