How do I get Quint?

Simply create an account and make deposits through the Escrow service on www.quintric.com. We accept cash, checks, bank wires, BitUSD and physical deliveries of gold and silver through our partners at the United Precious Metals Association.

What are the advantages of Quint in a nutshell?

We believe that consumers and investors alike have the right and privilage of transacting and saving with sound money. Quint is the best form of currency for several reasons:

  • it is inherently inflation-proof
  • it appreciates with the price of gold over time
  • it can circulate as legal tender
  • it is not considered a security (unlike all other cryptos)
  • it will have a 24/7 livestream of the gold vault (July 4th)
  • it never incurs vaulting fees
  • it is convenient for earning interest via lending
  • it can be globally exchanged in seconds
  • it will never be subject to fractional reserves

What exactly is a Quint?

A Quint is a digital token which represents 1/1000th of a U.S. Minted Gold Eagle Coin, payable on demand. A QuintS is 1/20th of a U.S Minted Silver Eagle, also payable on demand. These tokens can be described as deeds to legal tender, or “crypto-certificates” which signify your ownership of those specific weights in precious metals. The name "Quint" is derived from the fact that one token = 5 gold cents (A Gold Eagle Coin's $50 face value, divided by 1000). Likewise for Silver.

How does Quintric price the tokens?

Token premiums are established based on the US Mint’s current published rate for Proof Gold Coinage, divided by 1,000.

Why are Quint and QuintS tokens priced the same?

Silver QuintS tokens are currently priced the same as gold Quint in order to keep our silver premiums affordable and attractive for the average user. If we based QuintS on the value of Silver Proof Coinage then users would be paying nearly double for QuintS.

Will the price of Quint rise and fall exponentially, like Bitcoin or many other cryptocurrencies?

No. Because Quint and QuintS tokens are valued at a specific weight in precious metals, the price is much more stable in the long term than traditional cryptos, and will only fluctuate along with the prices of gold and silver coinage.

Are there any minumum purchases or other requirements for obtaining Quint?

No, anyone can open a Quintric account. At present, the Escrow service is functional at a minimum deposit of $0.01 USD. However, when fully operational, Quint tokens will be divisible down to five decimal points.

What are the caps on Quint and QuintS? How many tokens can exist?

The Quintric program vaults exclusively with Legal Tender Coins (Gold and Silver Eagles and Gold Buffalos) Since only about 25 Million gold coins have ever been minted the cap on Quint would probably be about twenty five billion ($43 Billion USD) with another potential billion tokens being added each year through additional minting. QuintS has a cap of about 10 billion ($17 Billion USD) with probably another potential billion being added each year. Only about half a billion Silver Eagles have been minted since 1986.

However, if central banks and private holders with non-legal tender gold were to have the U.S. Mint turn all their metal into Eagles, the cap will increase accordingly. In some other phenomenal circumstance, such as all the gold in the US being vaulted for Quintric, Quint will become naturally capped by the world's total gold market.

No hard caps have been added since the global supply of gold grows by about 1% per year. However, there is a natural, finite amount of precious metals on earth, which is the current (as yet unknown) true token limit.

How is Quintric able to offer free vaulting forever?

Vaulting and insurance are built into the premium price of each and every token. Additionally, Quintric essentially owns the vault, which keeps our overhead exceptionally low. Most of the company's net profit is set aside in an endowment fund which finances daily operations.

Will I be able to use my Quint or QuintS to conduct business in the real world?

Yes. You can make payments in Quint and QuintS tokens to any individual or merchant who accepts them. Recipients of Quint will be subject to a 1% transaction fee, capped at 5 Quint.

What technology does Quintric use for its tokens?

Quintric is built on the Bitshares platform. We therefore have among the fastest, most cost-efficient transactions in the industry, as well as longer blockchains and custom wallets. Quintric may also use EOS (a next generation technology) in the near future.

How does Quintric compare to other gold and silver cryptocurrencies?

Quintric is ahead of our competition by many standards: no other service offers a reliable combination of legal tender status, 100% reserve ratios, domestic headquarters, livestreamed vaulting, etc. More information can be found here:

There is a lot of news reporting other ICO’s being shut down by the government: What makes Quintric a safe start-up to invest with?

Quintric is not an ICO. This term refers to the launching of traditional cryptocurrencies, all of which are legally considered securities. Quint and QuintS tokens are not securities, and therefore cannot be regulated by the SEC. Our service can be considered an LTO (Legal Tender Offering).

How can I redeem my tokens for real gold and silver?

Redemptions may be conducted through the United Precious Metals Association in Alpine, Utah. Once Quintric is more widely adopted, users may expect to redeem Quint and QuintS tokens at many other precious metals dealers.

I obtained some tokens through the Escrow service, but haven’t yet received them. Is this normal?

Yes. Any tokens acquired during the Pre-Sale will be held in Processing until we are fully prepared for our public launch. This includes clearing payments, vaulting metals, completion of our various web pages, etc.

I’m having difficulties signing in or making a deposit. What can I do?

Our website is still in development, and users may therefore experience delays, errors, or other technical difficulties when attempting to log in, process transactions or view account balances. We prescribe patience to our users during this early stage, while we continue to refine and perfect our systems.

How do I name a beneficiary on my Quintric holdings?

You should identify your beneficiary in whatever documents you possess which equivocate as a Last Will and Testament. In the future, we will have educational resources for beneficiaries who may not be familiar with our program.

I’ve heard about QuintX, which is separate from the other four specie-based tokens. Where can I find more information on this topic?

The QuintX program is still in development, but you can contact the Quintric Hotline for up-to-date information on this and other works in progress. Note that this program is being exclusively offered to accredited investors.

When will the international tokens be launched, and who can use them?

iQuint and iQuintS are slated for Pre-Sale within the next year. However, while the American Quint and Quint are suitable for global circulation, the international tokens will be unavailable to US residents.

Where can I expect to hear more about Quintric in the future?

Members of our marketing and development team will be attending many crypto-conferences and road shows over the next year in order to promote Quintric. We will also be sending representatives to foreign jurisdictions when we are ready to market the iQuint and iQuintS.

What if Quintric doesn’t reach its market projections? Will I be refunded?

Even if Quintric does not immediately become popular as a cryptocurrency, you have still made an investment in sound money. Your gold and silver will remain vaulted with us as long as you wish, and will never incur storage fees after you’ve paid the initial token premium.

Virtually all previous gold standards have failed due to some sort of fraud. How can we be sure Quintric's gold is real?

When the first gold standards were beginning thousands of years ago they didn't have livestreaming technology. Quintric is working towards establishing a system with a higher degree of intergrity than has even been seen. Quintric will publish the amount of Quint on the blockchain which can be checked live against the holdings in the vault. More details here:

Is owning or cirulating Quint illegal in any way whatsoever?

No. Quint was designed specifically to be 100% legally bulletproof. You can transact or save with Quint to your heart's content. Quint tokens not only represent real, tangible assets, but literal gold and silver money created by the American Government.

What should I not do with my Quint or QuintS tokens?

You may notice that a $50 Gold Eagle is much more valuable than a $50 bill. While there are technically several legal dollar standards it is important to not use this discrepency for tax or welfare fraud. For example, if you were paid 10,000 Quint by an employeer each month you should declare the value in Federal Reserve Notes, not $500 per month as the face value would indicate. There is a case about someone trying this and failing that is worth studying.

More details on tax implications can be found here.

What if the Government decides to confinscate the gold like they did in 1934?

Utah's Attorney General Sean Reyes has vowed to block such hypothetical Federal action, and nearly every Law School in the country has also condemned the 1934 executive order as unconstitutional, so it is unlikely to even be tried again. However, if there were a repeat of the 1934 incident then holders of Quint would have several months to redeem their Quint for Gold Eagles. Even in a worst-case scenario, the Government would likely compensate these individuals at or near market value for their coins, as was done during the previous moratorium.

How can we be certain that Quintric is not a scam?

A fair question. Take a look at the people involved at the top level under the 'About' section on the Quintric homepage. Each director has a long history of success and excellence. Lawrence Hilton, for example, wrote the Utah Legal Tender Act which passed in 2011. He also served as General Counsel for the United Precious Metals Associaion. The men behind Quintric aren't a bunch of young, wide-eyed programmers; rather, they are seasoned professionals with much to lose if Quintric isn't exactly what it claims to be.

I want to let others know about the Quintric service: does Quintric have a Referral Program?

Yes, the Quintric Affiliate Program provides compensation, paid in gold and silver, to those who help us promote the business. Contact the Quintric Hotline for more details.

Additional question can be addressed to info@quintric.com or phoned in at 385-498-4653.