Directors and Advisors

Lawrence D. Hilton, Esq.

Beginning in 2009, Mr. Hilton conceptualized, drafted and then shepherded through the Utah Legislature the Specie Legal Tender Act, which was passed into law in 2011, with important amendments adopted during the 2012 session.  By that statute, Utah became the first state in more than one hundred years to formally recognize gold and silver coinage as legal tender.  Since then he has actively championed monetary reform measures in Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas—with the latter three states having adopted meaningful specie legal tender legislation.

Mr. Hilton formed Citizens for Sound Money in 2010, and the Utah Monetary Summit in 2011, which in its first year was attended by participants from more than a dozen U.S. states and half a dozen countries.  In 2013, he co-founded the United Precious Metals Association (UPMA) to promote the commercial framework necessary to implement Utah's new monetary system.  He also serves on the Gold Standard Now advisory board of American Principles in Action, a Washington D.C. based public policy think tank, as UPMA General Counsel, and as the Exchequer of the Royal Court of Breifne.

Mr. Hilton holds both Juris Doctorate and Masters of Business Administration degrees from Brigham Young University.  Admitted to both the Utah and California bar associations, he has practiced in the areas of insurance coverage and defense, commercial litigation, business formation, bankruptcy and Constitutional law for more than 30 years.  He currently holds insurance licenses in all 50 states and is a tribunalized cover holder with Lloyd's of London.  

Rep. Mark Finchem

Representative Finchem has been a member of the Arizona House of Representatives representing District 11 since January 5, 2015.  He has sponsored specie legal tender legislation each session he has been in office, and was selected by his peers to chair Arizona’s Ad Hoc Committee on Gold Bonds.  In 2017, he successfully ran legislation that resulted in Arizona’s formal recognition of specie legal tender and the elimination of the capital gains taxation of gold and silver.  Representative Finchem also serves on the United Precious Metals Association board of directors.  

Before moving from Michigan to Arizona, Representative Finchem worked for the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety for 21 years, retiring in 1999.  Subsequently in Tucson, Arizona he worked for a software manufacturer advancing to senior management before becoming a real estate broker in 2008.

Paul K. Savage, Esq.

A graduate of Columbia Law School, Fulbright Scholar, and member of both the New York and Utah Bar Associations, Mr. Savage’s varied career, whether at KPMG, Kirton McConkie or presently with EquityLaw PLLC, the non-profit, multidisciplinary law firm he founded in Alpine Utah, has focused on tax controversy, complex commercial transactions, corporate organization and governance, privacy rights, intellectual property (IP) licensing and litigation, as well as estate and business planning.  Internationally, he has advised Fortune 100 companies in the areas of multinational tax compliance, market entry, cross-border licensing, IP development and protection, business organization, board governance, privacy issues, structuring commercial transactions, tax exempt entities, risk management, dispute resolution, transfer pricing, SaaS and media matters.  

Mr. Savage also served for many years on the board of the World Trade Center Utah, a licensed and certified member of the World Trade Centers Association headquartered in New York City, as well as an adjunct professor at Seattle University School of Law.

Lord Martin O’Reilly

Lord Martin, Prince of the House of Breifne and Guardian of the Ancient Middle Kingdom, as an authorized heir to the throne under Brehon Law leads the Royal Court of Breifne in its efforts to restore, honor, preserve and protect the Kingdom.  As a young man, he lived on the Hill of Tara, the seat of the ancient high kings, several of whom had been Kings O’Reilly of Breifne.  In addition to being a senior member of the royal family O’Reilly of Breifne (Bréifné ua Ráighaíllaígh), Lord Martin is an approved member of several royal/noble courts around the world.  After a much varied career, he worked as a psychologist until his retirement.  Since then he has been working tirelessly to restore the ancient kingdom for the benefit of the native people of his homeland and has declared the iQuint the official coin of the realm.

Jeremy Cordon

In 2015 after having written a viral article about the services being offered through the United Precious Metals Association, Mr. Cordon was recruited to assist with promoting the Association to a broader audience.  A passionate activist, and advocate of monetary reform, Mr. Cordon graduated from the University of Utah with a B.A in Political Science in 2014.  At age 27, Mr. Cordon belongs to the rising generation of libertarians, and is, by far, the youngest member on the board.  Mr. Cordon has worked at the managerial level of Legal Tender Services PLLC since 2015 and has been a key player in developing the business models used for both the United Precious Metals Association as well as the Quintric system itself.  Mr. Cordon has also been instrumental  in raising capital to support the Quintric project.

Abraham L. Day

Mr. Day is Co-Founder of United Precious Metals Association which was created in 2013 to help serve people who want to transact in gold and silver legal tender.  He is currently serving as the association’s Chairman of the Board of Directors.  Mr. Day’s desire to utilize blockchain technology to facilitate the exchange of goods and services for gold and silver backed cryptocurrencies has been a creative driving force behind the creation of Quintric.

Twelve years ago, Mr. Day founded, and currently serves as CEO of, Attraction Studios, LLC, a full design, 3D and animation art studio which creates software, 3D applications, animations, and 3D Virtual/Augmented Reality applications and design for customers such as Sony, Paramount, Dreamworks, Microsoft and Evermore.