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The World’s First Family of Precious Metals Legal Tender Cryptocurrencies


The Quintric™ monetary system combines the legitimacy, accountability and security of gold and silver (“specie”) legal tender with the transparency, flexibility and convenience of distributed blockchain technology to create the world’s first authentic, interoperable family of specie legal tender cryptocurrencies.  The Quintric™ system consists of five distinct, inter-dependent, specie-based tokens: Quint™; QuintS™; iQuint™; iQuintS™; and QuintX™.  

The system design and implementation represents the combined efforts of Bitshares Inc., Cryptonomex Inc., Hyperion Ventures LLC, and the North American Monetary Exchange Corporation.  Each of the five Quintric™ tokens constitutes a vital piece in finally completing the elusive crypto puzzle.  Ironically, no cryptocurrency issued to date has proven capable of actually performing the essential functions of a usable currency.  With the advent of Quintric™, the original objective of a transparent, blockchain medium of exchange peeks on the horizon.