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Quintric Tokens Now Available at 21,000 Locations! (Live-Stream Update)

   Quintric is proud to announce the partnership with Netcoins in order to offer Quint and QuintS tokens at 21,000 retail locations around the world. This means that citizens in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada can walk into a grocery store and purchase a voucher for Quint tokens at a kiosk. 

  Netcoins has recently begun to expand their ATM-like offering outside of the main crypto-currencies and into the less common ones. Out of 100 precious metal cryptos available Quintric is the first selected for this offering. The Netcoins service is not yet available in the United States due to legal reasons.

  The Quintric program has seen steady growth since July 4th. Several other partnerships may be announced this Fall. The project has since been represented at several major conventions including Freedomfest in Las Vegas. The live-streamed service is still under development due to delays in the installation of Fiber. During this time Quintric is taking the opportunity to install additional shelving and to replace existing shelving with more reinforced structures to bear the immense weight of the gold. It may take up to several months for the coins to be displayed via live-steam however, when the feature is implemented Quintric will have the first public high definition live-streamed vault in the world.