Quintric Covers Vaulting

It is normal to pay anywhere from a quarter of a percent to a full percent of the value of your gold account per year in vaulting expenses. That means that over the course of a lifetime that a very significant chunk the gold will be lost. Silver is far worse because vaulting typically costs about triple. After fifty years of vaulting silver one could only expect to have a small fraction of the account remaining. 

The motivation behind saving in gold or silver in the first place is to maintain value over long periods of time. It is difficult to accomplish this if the amount of gold or silver stored is constantly dwindling. One way that individuals have gotten around this problem is by simply storing it themselves in a secret location such as a piano, in a tree stump, or behind the sheetrock in a wall. The problem with this strategy is that if anything happens to you then your stash may take decades if not centuries to find and it won't end up helping anyone you know. Telling anyone about your hidden spot is risky as well. A family in Wyoming lost millions of dollars in gold and silver because their adult son robbed them blind and gambled it away over the course of months.

Any gold or silver in the Quintric system is vaulted for free, forever. Quintric charges the rate that the U.S. government mint has set for proof coins which is a bit higher than average. Users are essentially pre-paying vaulting expenses. Much of the premium difference is then invested through the Quintric Trust Fund in order to create a return that then pays the vaulting expenses. The Quintric Trust fund only needs to make about two percent on gold and one percent on silver in order to cover regular. Quintric partners own the vault itself which allows for even greater leniency if the Trust fails to produce a the needed two percent return.

By removing the regular vaulting expenses Quintric users can rest with peace of mind, knowing that ALL of their gold will still be on reserve for future generations.