Quintric Trust Fund

The Quintric Trust Fund is one of the core monetary tools used to pay for vaulting fees so that Quint token users don't need to. The Trust is funded by a portion of the premiums on the sale of the tokens themselves. This is especially true for the QuintS tokens since they are based off the proof price for silver which carries a larger premium than that of more typical silver coinage. 

As the fund grows through sales of new Quint, the money is used to invest in a diverse portfolio of assets much like a hedgefund. A portion of the returns are used to pay any vaulting fees while the principle remains untouched. Quintric anticipates that the vaulting cost burden on the Trust Fund will be very modest during normal economic conditions since there are other streams of residual income that also help cover the cost of vaulting . The Trust is designed in such a way to be able to cover vaulting fees under any contingency such as a massive jump in the price of gold or silver, an economic depression, or extreme inflation.

Regular reports on the health of the Quintric Trust Fund will be made available beginning in 2019.