U.S. Gold Quint


U.S. Gold Quint

The U.S. Gold Quint or simply 'Quint' represents 1/1000th of an ounce of a U.S. minted Gold Eagle coin or five gold cents since the face value is fifty gold dollars. This token was designed with American citizens in mind because it is not a considered a security and is100% compliant with U.S. law. The price of Quint is determined by the government through the U.S. Mint published retail rates. 

Much like the common Federal Reserve Note, the Quint is also legally made up of dollars. The type of dollar however, is different. Since the Reagan years the Treasury of the United States has been required by law to mint fifty dollar, one ounce gold coins to meet demand. These coins carry a special legal tender status that allows them to be circulated as money just as one would a fifty dollar bill. Up until now this has not been a popular option due to the difficultly of moving gold around, the vastly different value between an ounce of gold and a fifty dollar bill, and the difficulty in making change. Quint tackles these challenges through blockchain technology thus literally restoring the American gold standard.

Quint carries no vaulting fees and is not leased by Quintric. To learn how this is possible visit here. Early adapters receive bonus QuintX tokens through the United Precious Metals Association when purchasing Quint from Quintric during the pre-sale. Quint is payable for U.S. Gold Eagle dollars on demand.