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May Update,

In the past 30 days Quintric has hired an in-house videographer to work on a series of videos that explain the nuances and history of the Quintric system. We hope to have several high quality videos up by the next update. Quintric staff will also keep an eye on the comments sections of these videos to clarify points of confusion that people may have.

Quintric has a firm schedule to have the live-stream up and running permanently by the end of next month. On July 4th of 2018 the livestream was available in an industry-first and then taken down in order to build out the vault for more scaling. The original stream would have been restricted after a mere 100,000,000 Quint. The new finished stream will be able to handle 4,000,000,000 Quint.

Quintric is also planning on remodeling the website before the end of next month. Users will get a more modern experience on Quintric.com.

We have found increasing interest in the United State’s first legal tender precious metal crypto currency. Quintric anticipates many future developments for current users.

Kyle Hilton