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Summer Update


There is a famous story about a turtle racing a hare. The rabbit is famous in the forest for bring so fast and boasts of its amazing speed. The turtle, not an animal famous for speed, gets sick of it and challenges the hare to a race. The whole forest shows up to watch. At first the hare leaves the turtle in the dust but then it begins feel comfortable with the sizable lead and takes a nap. By the time the hare awakes the turtle is near the finish line and it is too late to catch up.

Image Quint as the turtle and Bitcoin as the hare. Since first launched Bitcoin has lost about a half of its value while the price of gold increased from $1,250 to $1,500+. Gold is timelessly valuable. Every purchaser of the Quint token still has their full value from the time of purchase and can rest easy.

Quintric has been busy working on technological developments over the summer. All the hardware for the vault is now installed for the livestream. It is just a matter of connecting it correctly and safely to the internet.

Quintric users are still able to transfer from one account to another but this will be disabled for accounts originating out of the State of New York due to a local law there.

Quintric will be getting a new look! A design team has been working on the site to make it all the more beautiful. This design should be seen within the next week or so.

Quintric, as part of a deal, has also acquired an interest in the Goldback project in Utah. One of the greatest challenges that Quintric faces is just the fact that gold hasn’t regularly circulated as money in nearly 100 years. The Utah Goldback will be the world’s only physical circulating gold currency. We believe that the Goldback will pave the way educationally for people to consider more digital options for gold transfer as a physical commodity will only get you so far.

Quintric is also now being used as part of the BEOS system. BEOS is Bitshares EOS and it is backed by Quint.

Sales for Quint continue to come in. Quintric is financially sound even during periods of low or zero sales since it is one of several projects through the umbrella company.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to email at info@quintric.com