Peer to Peer Lending

Quintric anticipates offering new products and services as its network expands and gains traction.  One such enhancement under consideration is peer to peer lending.  Existing, non-legal tender cryptocurrencies, whose value is driven primarily by scarcity and speculation, are entirely unsuited for lending, as their market value is so unstable.  Imagine taking out a loan denominated in Bitcoin in 2013.  The debt burden today of such an obligation would be ruinous.  One of the key characteristics of an actual currency is the ability to support credit relationships.  As real, legal tender money, Quint meets that test.  

Several peer to peer lending platforms already exist for paper dollars.  Quintric would simply look at extending that proven model to specie legal tender.  Token holders could extend credit to businesses, governments, or simply other individuals for varying interest rates.  The success of a Peer to Peer lending platform will allow Quint holders to not only save and spend, but to earn interest as well.